Equipment Supplies and Support Services

Offshore Accommodation Materials and Equipment

Our Equipment Supplies and Support services provide our clients with the best-in-class equipment from OEMs with full range of support services, including Conceptual Design, through Detailed Design to Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Training, Operations and Maintenance

Rakhone in partnership with SH Trade of South Korea supplies offshore and marine accommodation materials, modules and equipment.

Our scope of services in this area is programmed to be flexible enough to suit the specific needs of each client and project.

Pipeline Protection and Leak Detection

In response to the incessant oil pipelines vandalism and the resultant oil spills and environmental pollution and both onshore and offshore, Rakhone uses the Westminster Acoustic Fiber Optic Pipeline Protection System (AFOPPS) provided by Westminster International of the UK for pipeline protection and leak detection services for onshore, offshore and swamp located pipelines. This system of pipeline protection ensures that any intrusion and/or breaches on a pipeline system, no matter the distance or terrain, is detected immediately and with an accuracy of less than 10 m. This will assist immediate response and remediation measures to be deployed at the earliest possible time.

Oil Spills Containment and Control

Rakhone also provides oil spills containment, control, remediation, cleaning, and recovery equipment and processes in conjunction with Trident Group of USA. Rakhone-Trident partnership also provides consultancy, training and certification on all aspects of oil spill prevention and control.